Vegas Trivia Challenge



Our readers seem to love Vegas trivia so let’s try some more. This time we will ask the question and put the answers below. Can you get them all correct? This one is a hard one.

  1. Where is Wayne Newton’s Shenandoah Ranch located?
  2. Who was Father Francisco Garces?
  3. What is the name of the luxury hotel located within Caesars Palace?
  4. What is the new (2014) boutique hotel located on the north east corner of Flamingo and the Strip?
  5. What is the minimum payout percentage for a slot machine in Nevada?
  6. What is the city south of Las Vegas on the way to Hoover Dam where gambling is not allowed?
  7. Terrible’s Hotel and Casino was rebranded and renamed. What is it called now?
  8. Where is the Ghostbar located?
  9. What is Las Vegas’ longest running show?
  10. Where would you want to eat to have a better chance of having a heart attack?



  1. The corner of Pecos and Sunset just east of McCarran Airport. Mr. Newton returned to the ranch in September with his wife Kathleen. It is now open to the public with tours and a new museum.
  2. In 1776, Father Francisco Garces was studying the southern deserts of California and Arizona. Some believe that he was the first non-Indian to visit the Las Vegas area. He has a street named after him, Garces Avenue. It is located five long blocks south of Fremont Street.
  3. The Nubo
  4. The Cromwell
  5. 75%
  6. Boulder City
  7. Silver Sevens. This is actually the third name change for this property. The first name was the Continental . In 2000 it became Terrible’s.
  8. The Palms
  9. Jubilee at Bally’s. The show debuted in 1981.
  10. The Heart Attack Grill located at 450 Fremont St.



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