24 Apr 2016

The Next President? Check With Your Bookie

Is it over yet? Don’t you wish it was? It is a fair guess that many Americans just want this next Presidential election to be over with. You would think there is no other news to talk about, but the election. Many have already tuned out until the summer conventions are over.

21 Apr 2016

Do You Bar Or Rebar?

You don’t have to look long or hard for a bar in Las Vegas. How far could you go without seeing one, right? There is something new to check out if you love bars, good beer, and some interesting, and some might say weird surroundings. The place is called the ReBar

19 Apr 2016

Your Expression As You Check Out Of Your Hotel

It used to be that when you checked out of your hotel room it was a painless experience. You knew what you were going to pay and what you would get in return. Not any more. At least, not in Las Vegas. If you are a regular visitor to Las

18 Apr 2016

Meet The Mafia Safely And Not Get Whacked

Las Vegas can’t really bury its past relationship with the Mob. Vegas was infested with mobsters and their influence in most of its casinos prior to the arrival Howard Hughes and corporations. So, what does this city do? It capitalizes on its past. Thus, the arrival of the Mob Museum on Stewart Avenue, two streets

17 Apr 2016

One Madam You Can’t Resist

The Las Vegas area is known for its seedier side and particularly for its Madams, the ones respectable folks don’t visit. But, all Madams are not alike, even in Las Vegas. There is one Madam in Las Vegas you really should meet. She is one who offers thrills for people

16 Apr 2016

The Strip Started With A Flat Tire

When you read Vegas history, or what is purported to be history, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. There are many myths and legends that make up the fabric of the Las Vegas story. We have talked before about the fact that Bugsy Siegel was not the Strip’s

15 Apr 2016

Unique Places And Rides of Terror-Do You Have The Guts?

One spectacular experience when visiting Las Vegas is gawking at the wide variety of architecture. The four mile ride up or down the strip will amaze first time visitors. Where else can you see one of the largest pyramids in the world, a tower that is the tallest structure west of the

14 Apr 2016

The Famous Little Church Of The West?

We know, you never heard of the Little Church of the West, right? It is very famous and for different reasons. There are so many wedding chapels in Las Vegas, it is hard to keep them straight. This one is located way south of most of the others and has

14 Apr 2016

Recreational Pot May Be Legal In Vegas Soon

Ever since Colorado legalized recreational pot, more states are taking a look at doing the same thing. Nevada may be the next state to let citizens light up weed and not have to fear the law. There is a group now working hard to get the support it needs to get the

12 Apr 2016

Double Your Chances Of Winning At Roulette

Any game of luck is beatable in the short run, but as with all games of chance the house odds will eventually catch up with you. The truth is that roulette is not the best game for players as far as the house edge goes. However, it is one of