17 Aug 2016

Things You Can’t Do At Home

When the topic turns to Las Vegas, the words “normal” or “ordinary” do not usually come into the conversation. Las Vegas is anything but normal or ordinary when compared to other cities. This is exactly why so many people love Las Vegas. They are tired of normal and ordinary. Since Las Vegas is

07 Aug 2016

Banned From Casino For This!

There is something that you do that can get you banned from gambling in a casino. It’s not illegal or unethical, but casinos hate it when you do it. They want to make sure you don’t get any of their “house edge.” If you have seen the movie or read the book, “21,” you

27 Jul 2016

Lights Tell Vegas Story (Video)

Lights tell a story, the story of Las Vegas. We want to talk about some of the very special lights of Las Vegas. Each has a story to tell, some history to immortalize. We love Las Vegas History as do so many of our readers. There are dozens and dozens of

26 Jul 2016

Cancelled Show Shocks Stars-Blindsided!

One of Steve Wynn’s great productions is being cancelled. September 30th will be the last performance of Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers. It’s interesting that the cast didn’t become anxious when the 15oo seat auditorium that houses the show was only filling up to 50% capacity. We have to remember that regardless

15 Jul 2016

Walk On Top Of The Homeless (Video)

Did you know that as you walk down the Strip you are walking on top of hundreds of homeless people? It didn’t even enter your mind, right? Who would think such a thing. But, it’s true. Hundreds of homeless people live in tunnels that lay beneath the Strip. In 2016,

12 Jul 2016

Deadly MGM Fire Changed Everything

It was early in the morning of November 21, 1980, when Nevada’s worst hotel fire broke out. It was deadly. It was also the 2nd worst hotel fire in US history. It is known as Ballys today, but in 1980 it was the MGM. That blaze ended the lives of 85 people and

16 Jun 2016

You Need To Get In The Dog House

It’s a common expression, especially among married folks-being in the “dog house.”  It’s not a good thing. It means to be in trouble with your mate. Usually, it is the male member of the family that ends up there. Today, we are going to talk about another type of dog

14 Jun 2016

Grab A Bunk Buddy & Save

We know that there are many choices when it comes to accommodations in Vegas. There are the RV Parks, Time Shares, and all varieties of hotels from the flea ridden to the palatial giants. But, who would ever think that a classy hotel would offer bunk beds? Who would want

05 Jun 2016

An Oft Forgotten Locals Hangout

Locals tend to hang out off the Strip. There are specific hotels and casinos where locals hangout. They go to places like Arizona Charlies, Samstown, Sunset Station, Gold Coast, Ellis Island and Silver Sevens (formerly Terribles).  Locals know where the deals are and the best gambling so why not follow

23 May 2016

Save In Las Vegas-More Money In Your Pocket

When you go to Vegas, obviously, you want as much money as possible to spend on the fun things verses the necessary things. However, there are those pesky necessary things we have to pay for, things like lodging, food, transportation, tips, etc. Even though we can’t ignore the basics, we