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Save In Las Vegas-More Money In Your Pocket

money-932401_960_720When you go to Vegas, obviously, you want as much money as possible to spend on the fun things verses the necessary things. However, there are those pesky necessary things we have to pay for, things like lodging, food, transportation, tips, etc.

Even though we can’t ignore the basics, we can learn how to save on them and thus have more money for fun and adventure. So, let’s look at some ways to save your money while in Las Vegas.

The first step is to find good lodging at a decent price. Prior to your visit check out the main search engines like Trivago, Expedia, Hotwire, and others.

If you are going to fly in and need a hotel and/or a car, then definitely check out the vacation packages. Personally, I use Southwest vacations as much as possible because they don’t charge for baggage. That alone, can save you $$$. You save the most when you purchase air, hotel, and car in your package.

We continue to recommend two sources for coupons. One is the Entertainment Book for Las Vegas.  Go here to get yours.. Also, the 2016 American Casino Guide. You can get this book on Amazon.com and other retailers.

shutterstock_269738117These two books will pay for themselves on a three day or longer trip if you take the time to research and use the coupons. You will find coupons for everything from car rentals, air, food, exhibits, activities and attractions, local retail services, and more. You will save especially on food and drinks.

Check Groupon. We found a great deal for the Atomic Testing Museum. You will likely find something you like on Groupon. If you are a regular Vegas visitor, you might subscribe to some of the many Vegas news email services that will keep you up to date on the current happenings and deals. Here is one I use. Vegas Insider.

Buy your show tickets before you arrive in Vegas via the internet. Or, in Vegas, be sure to check out Tix4Tonight here and save.

Always ask for a better price wherever you go. You will be surprised how many times you will get one.

Get a player’s card by joining the player’s club wherever you gamble. It will offer you benefits so why not join. It’s free. The more you gamble, the more valuable membership becomes.

Finally, check out Yipit.com. They claim you can find every Las Vegas deal right there so take a look. Here is their link.

If you act on these tips, you will have a lot more money in your pocket to enjoy all the fun things Las Vegas has to offer. Thanks for stopping by.



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