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The Next President? Check With Your Bookie

presidential-1311753_960_720Is it over yet? Don’t you wish it was? It is a fair guess that many Americans just want this next Presidential election to be over with. You would think there is no other news to talk about, but the election.

Many have already tuned out until the summer conventions are over. All we have to listen to now are the never ending talking heads on the various radio and television programs. All they offer us is there opinions.

The wise thing to do is follow the money train. Were are gamblers placing their money? Who are they voting for? The odds change over time, but are fairly constant now and have been for the last month.

So, where do you find out where the big money goes? You check with a Vegas odds maker or bookie. There will be a lot bets placed on this next election for sure. Regardless of our individual choices, we might as well cash in on it, right?

Here is one place to see some recent odds. See if they surprise you or simply confirm what you thought to be true. Check it out.


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