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Do You Bar Or Rebar?

shutterstock_263923439You don’t have to look long or hard for a bar in Las Vegas. How far could you go without seeing one, right? There is something new to check out if you love bars, good beer, and some interesting, and some might say weird surroundings.

The place is called the ReBar and it does offer something new, refreshing, and different for its customers. It is a “drink while you shop” place. There are collectibles, antiques, and other items to see or buy.

An article published on shares this:

The new concept created by Derek Stonebarger, former co-owner of Atomic Liquors, brings the bars and vintage stores of the Arts District together at a one-stop-shop on 1225 S. Main St.

“If I could combine what I like to do, which is flip antiques, with the bar business, it would be the ultimate place for me,” says Stonebarger, who received a clean bill of health last week after battling cancer.

Read the full story here.


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