26 Feb 2017

Stupid, Crazy, Risky, Things Not To Do In Vegas

There are several  really stupid things not to do, in Las Vegas we will highlight today. In fact, there are probably dozens of stupid, crazy, and risky,  things to avoid in Las Vegas, but we will only talk about some of them. You may have your own list of stupid things to do or you may

25 Feb 2017

Misinformation, Untruths, & Lies About A Favorite Casino Game

Misinformation, myths, urban legends, and lies that people still believe about Las Vegas itself, casino games, and famous Vegas personalities. Some of these have been perpetrated by movies. Movies are like the internet. Everything they present are true, right? Wrong! Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “Don’t believe everything you read

22 Feb 2017

Job Opportunities In Las Vegas Not So Good

Job hunting in Las Vegas can be challenging, frustrating, and often futile. We have written several articles over the last year or so about moving to Las Vegas. And, some readers of our Facebook page have stated that they were moving there. What was unclear with some was whether they had employment or

18 Feb 2017

Stay Away From These Places While In Las Vegas

Stay away from these places and be safe. Vegas is the most fun city in the world, we think. But, there are some places visitors to Las Vegas should not go. They are not safe. So, stay away. Avoid the areas we will talk about and prevent possible danger or violence. You may know

17 Feb 2017

Vegas Streets Named After Famous Americans

Readers of this site know we love Vegas history. It’s fun, fascinating, and diverse. Due to the many famous people who had some influence on Las Vegas there are many Vegas streets named after them. In fact, if you really look hard, you will find there is a large selection

15 Feb 2017

Naughty Vegas Facts You’re Not Supposed To know

Naughty things happen in Las Vegas. Wherever there is sin, there are secrets. Las Vegas, aka “Sin City” has many naughty secrets that most people don’t know about and probably wouldn’t want to know. If you don’t want to know, then we suggest stop reading now. We love Las Vegas

13 Feb 2017

Creepy Things Happen In Las Vegas

Las Vegas does have a creepy side. Have you seen the creepy side of Las Vegas? Most of us who frequent Las Vegas or live here, don’t see the seedy, sleazy, and dark side of the city. However, it surely doe exist. Many times however, in fairness, Las Vegas gets a bad rap it

07 Feb 2017

Make Millions Just Look Around Casinos

Wouldn’t you want to make millions of dollars just by looking around? Actually, it is looking around casinos. Why would you do that and what is it you would be looking for? You really could make a lot of money just by looking for left behind cash tickets that gamblers

06 Feb 2017

Wait! Don’t Move To Vegas Until You Read This

Wait! Are you  thinking about moving to Las Vegas? Las Vegas is perfect for thousands of people who move to Las Vegas each month. It may or may not be for you. Be sure before you make the leap. Wait until you have all the facts. Don’t move to Las

04 Feb 2017

Virtual Reality Park Coming To Vegas In 2017

Virtual reality (VR) technology is moving ahead by quantum leaps. More and more people are able to experience virtual reality today with the release of Samsung Gear VR that works with their Galaxy devices. HBO’s Westworld is another VR experience that has drawn attention to VR. Plans are now in the works