Women! Know These Things Before You Go To Vegas

shutterstock_255772306There are multiple blogs on the internet that give specific advice for women visiting Las Vegas. After reading some of these, I found that the advice is generally applicable to anyone, not just to women.

However, a woman by herself in Las Vegas may face more attempts to scam her or even hurt her. So, precautions are in order. Knowing some things before a visit can be very helpful.

Here are some tips:

  1. If nudity offends you, and it is all around the Strip and downtown, you may want to stay off the Strip.  Even some of the hotel pools will have a topless area. We have to remember that Vegas is “Sin City.” However, there are a lot of non sinful things to do including wonderful entertainment, food, shopping and attractions. Just FYI.
  2. A continuing problem in Vegas concerns the cabs. They have a habit of long hauling folks, taking them the long, more expensive route. If you don’t know your way around the city, get a map and learn about the layout of the Strip and downtown. On my last trip, a cabbie told me how he was going to take me to the MGM from Samstown on Boulder Highway. It would have been a lot longer ride his way. So, I told him how to do it. He seemed surprised that I knew the street names and how to navigate. It saved me money. Uber is another good alternative.
  3. As with any large city, but probably more so in Las Vegas, there are predators, cons, and thieves. So, keep your pocketbook secured and don’t wear any jewelry that is easily removed or is valuable. A person can  grab your valuables and disappear easily on the crowded Strip.
  4. If you are visiting to see the sights and have fun, don’t dress in a way that will draw unwanted attention. If you do, you will get it. The rape rate in Las Vegas is high. In 2013, the number of rapes was 705. That is almost two per day. Stay alert, be wise, and don’t be a victim.
  5. If you are alone stay in the lights. Side streets can be more dangerous. The Strip itself is very safe if you stay in the well traveled areas.
  6. There are some advantages to being a woman in Vegas. Many times you will be allowed into the adult pools for free. Men have to pay. You may even get into some nightclubs free or for a reduced amount. Never hurts to ask.
  7. Another reason why Vegas loves women and women love Vegas is the shopping. The entire range of shops are available from the outlet malls to the high end shops such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Only your budget limits what you can buy in Vegas.
If you want more tips, and again, these usually apply to both sexes read more here.



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