Walk Towards The Light!

In shutterstock_69326650Las Vegas there are lights. It is the city of lights. From its very beginnings this city has had neon as part of its culture. Today, visitors can see HD screens up and down the Strip. Lights, lights, and more lights.

But, there is one light that deserves special mention. This particular light actually holds a world record. It is the strongest light beam in the world, one that can be seen from outer space and as far away as Los Angeles.

You probably guessed it. We are talking about the light beam that sits atop the Luxor on the southern part of the strip. When visitors arrive at McCarran Airport, they usually get a glimpse of the Luxor as they taxi to their gate.

shutterstock_117302425Here is why this beam is so unique. First, it sports 42.3 billion, yes, billion candlepower. It is composed of 39, 7000 watt xenon lamps using curved mirrors to project the light. The beam cost $51 per hour to operate.

If you get lost in Las Vegas walk towards the light!


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