Vegas Does It Again-A Record Breaker

shutterstock_140611192Congratulations Las Vegas. You have done it again!

This city is astounding. It is always pushing the envelope, reinventing itself, and breaking records. This new record underscores and confirms that all the other luring features, come-ons, and attractions of Las Vegas are working and working well.

In 2015, for the first time in its history, Las Vegas received, with open arms I might add, over 42,000,000 visitors. The trend is definitely upward still. It was just last year that Vegas surpassed the 40,000,000 mark, that’s a 5% increase just this year.

There are multiple reasons for this continued growth and interest in Las Vegas. There are the  new properties over recent years, more non-stop flights in and out of the area, and more convention space. Conventions are a major draw to Vegas. On average there are over 22,000 conventions per year drawing over 5,000,000 people. So, about 12% of visitors come to attend or be part of a convention.

Happy New Year Las Vegas. Keep up the good work.


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