The New Gauging Fee-CNF

shutterstock_16622788This is unbelievable. This isn’t new news and you may not have run into yet, but you will.

I understand economics and capitalism and do not want to deprive anyone of making as much money as they can. We all try to do that.  But, sometimes prices get to the point of gauging and I think it is happening in Las Vegas.

There is a new trend in Las Vegas. It should be called “rip off everybody” with extra fees and charges on almost everything, even if you get nothing for it. In economic law there is a breaking point. People will change their behavior when prices get too high. They go somewhere else.

Just in the last few months we have seen MGM charge parking fees at all their resorts, even if you stay there. Then, we have seen year after year, resort fees creeping up and up where some are almost what a room rate was. I just checked one at the Downtown Grande. The resort fee was $43 per day!

Now, we have yet another fee creeping in and this will affect everyone in time. It is called CNF or Concession and Franchise Fee. Huh? Yep, you will now pay 4.7% at places like the Beer Park, Hexx Kitchen & Bar, Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood, and Senor Frog’s at TI. Also, you will be hit at Mirage’s Rhumbar. What do you get for your 4.7%? Nothing.

You can be sure that this trend will spread like a flood throughout Vegas. It might be wise to check out the places you eat before you order about the CNF. If it were me and I got billed and didn’t know or wasn’t informed, I’d fight with management.

I’ve never thought about this before, but it may be time to boycott Las Vegas. They can only do these things because we accept them. What if we didn’t?


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