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Best Places You’ve Never Heard Of To Eat In Vegas

shutterstock_140012953One of the reasons people love Las Vegas so much is the incredible dining choices. In Las Vegas, visitors have the option of dining at McDonalds, Burger King, or Dunkin Donuts and save their money for other things. Or, they can go for broke, maybe literally, and feast on a Fleur Burger at Mandalay Bay for $5000 or a 19-course meal at Robuchon’s for $445 per person, not including wine.

There is a slew of other restaurants in Vegas with price comfortably  between the extremes of a  $3.99 Big Mac and a $5,000 Fleur Burger. And, chances are good  you may have never heard of some of the following eateries:

  1. F. Pigalle-something very different. A place to enjoy fondue surrounded by trappings of Paris’ Red Light District.
  2. Chengdu Taste-A chain bringing its fame and specialities from Los Angeles. Known for bang bang chicken, couple’s sliced beef, green chili chicken, diced rabbit with younger sibling’s secret sauce, and the “sorrowful” mung bean noodles.
  3. 3. Harvest by Roy Ellamar-Smack your lips over these specialties:snack wagon filled with a smoked salmon belly dip along with an everything croissant and broccoli raab pesto completed with a serving of served with naan bread. Try the Painted Hills hangar steak tartare with an oyster aioli and chioggia beet with quinoa and blood oranges, as well as the agedashi tofu with smoky ham dashi and trout roe.

Here’s a list of many more restaurants with locations


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