Strange Things Lurk At The Container Park

IMG_5459The Container Park is located downtown Las Vegas on East Fremont Street at 7th, about three blocks east of the Fremont Experience canopy. It’s a unique place for sure. For one thing, a giant praying mantis welcomes folks into the Park. He even shoots flames out of his antenna from time to time.

There is an interesting story behind the praying mantis, too. The first question most people would ask is, “why in the world would a praying mantis be used to attract visitors to the park?” It’s kind of weird, right?

Yes, it is kind of weird and no one would guess why if they didn’t already know. Here is the skinny on the mantis. According to the Las Vegas Sun in a 2013 article, “The 35-foot green sculpture, formerly featured at the annual Burning Man festival in Northern Nevada, breathes fire and greets visitors at the park’s entrance.”

Read the whole article here. You can read more about the Burning Man festival here.

Why is it called the Container Park? It’s because it is actually constructed of shipping containers stacked one on top of another. Here at the park, you will find shopping venues, eateries, a play area for kids with a slide and water area. There is also a wedding chapel.  It’s certainly worth the short walk from the Fremont Experience area.



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