Sin City Secrets You Are Not Supposed To Know

shutterstock_244809991Wherever there is sin, there are secrets. Las Vegas, aka “Sin City” has many secrets that most people don’t know about and probably wouldn’t want to know. If you don’t want to know, then we suggest stop reading now.

We love Las Vegas and we know that it offers something for everyone. It’s a fun place. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be one of the most popular destinations in the United States. It is projected that 41 million people will visit by year’s end. Trip Advisor ranks Las Vegas as the #4 most popular tourist destination. The complete United States rankings are Here

There is nothing perfect in this world and Las Vegas is no exception. There are some reality shows that focus on the crimes and problems encountered on the Strip. There is one show that features stories about the Las Vegas jail. These are fascinating programs to watch and they present glimpses of some of the common problems encountered there. But, there are other things the press plays down as much as possible as do the local police, and Chamber of Commerce.

One nasty fact is that Las Vegas has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. It is about 3 times that of the national rate. According to one study by a UNLV researcher, a visitor to Las Vegas is twice as likely to commit suicide there than if he or she had stayed at home.

How about the crime rate? How safe are you? Although Vegas does have a high murder rate, double that of Los Angeles and about 50% higher than New York City. over all, Las Vegas is a fairly safe city.

The good news is that Vegas does not come up in any lists we found of America’s most dangerous cities or cities with the highest overall crime rates. However, like in any large city, you should be careful and stay in well traveled, well lit areas.

One crime that does not get a lot of publicity, for obvious reasons, is theft from hotel rooms. It is fairly common. The best advice is keep your money and credit cards with you and don’t leave valuable items in view. Put them in the room’s safe. I lost a pair of expensive Oakley sunglasses in my room at one unnamed hotel. I’ve also found if you forget something after you check out, it probably won’t show up in the lost and found.

If you are in Vegas with family, be aware that there is a very visible sex trade in Las Vegas. This is one reason the city is tagged “sin city.”

If you walk the Strip, you will encounter a line of people, men and women, handing out little cards. These are calling cards for prostitutes. You will even see trucks driving the Strip pulling large bill boards promoting prostitution.

In the phone book are pages and pages of “escort” services. These are in business to arrange sexual encounters. Regardless of your reasons for visiting Las Vegas, you cannot escape noticing some of the seediness.

Our goal here is not to discourage visitors from coming to Las Vegas, but hopefully, to make their trip more enjoyable and safe.



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