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A Park Made Of Shipping Containers? Really?


It seems as if anytime you describe anything in Las Vegas you have to use the word “unique.” There are so many things in Vegas that you don’t find anywhere else. This is one reason why so many people, millions of them, make a pilgrimage to this city every year.

Now that we got that settled, let’s talk about yet another “unique” place to visit. It is called The Container Park and, yes, it is built out of shipping containers. Now this is not just a place to look at. There are things to do. This is mostly an adult venue and it offers things like¬†the chance to slide¬†down and through shipping containers. There is also shopping and concerts.

If you want to see something unusual, you will see the biggest praying mantis in the world. He even shoots out fire.

Check out this youtube video that shows the praying mantis shooting fire.


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