Looking For Love In Las Vegas? Tips!


A lot of single folks go to Las Vegas looking to have fun and meet someone to date or even marry. If you are thinking about seeking love there, you may be disappointed by your efforts. You may be less likely to try after you read what other dating pioneers have experienced in their Las Vegas adventures.

You would think that Las Vegas would be a great place to meet someone. And, simply meeting someone is not the problem. It is fairly easy especially in the bars that draw a lot of young singles. It’s what you get in that person that is the issucaucasian-84418_960_720e. They may not have the same agenda as you do. In fact, they usually don’t. They may even have some evil in their hearts. So be careful whatever you do.

One statistic is notable. There are a lot more women than men available so men have it easier.

Apparently, according to the survey below, the majority of singles who have tried to meet someone there for more than a casual pickup didn’t fare so well and left with a tainted view of their experiences. About two years ago Las Vegas Weekly did a survey among singles who had dating experiences or tried to in Las Vegas. Their responses were at the least, disappointing.

Check out the survey here.


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