It Stays In Vegas? Uh, No!


“What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas.”  You’ve heard this many times before. But, it’s a lie. It’s a myth. It’s definitely not true. It’s great marketing for sure, but just don’t count on it, ok?

The slick “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,”  slogan is the product of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau. How many people have done something they shouldn’t have in Vegas and come to find it posted on Facebook? Or, maybe it ends up on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter? Or, if you didn’t something really bad, it may make the papers. One slogan found on a Vegas hat tells the real truth: “What Happens In Vegas Stays on Facebook.”, said this in a October 1, 2013 article about the promotional slogan:

Las Vegas’ “What Happens Here, Stays Here” slogan is one of the more famous taglines in modern tourism marketing and one of the most quoted, talked about, and recognized ad campaigns in any industry. The phrase has not only been a spark that’s helped drive millions of visitors to Sin City, but it’s also inspired an Usher song and the trilogy of Hangover movies, been quoted by Laura Bush, closed an Oscar ceremony, and been banned from Super Bowl time slots. You can read their entire article here.

Technology is like many other things in life; it is a blessing and a curse. We love out computers, Iphones, Ipads, and Droid tablets, but those same treasured objects may be our undoing. It’s a fact in modern America that we have no privacy. We are being filmed almost everywhere all the time. There are even smart appliances that can spy on us.

Although we are usually unaware of it, wherever we go, we are photographed or videoed. In Vegas, your photo may be taken as soon as you enter a casino. There are also outside cameras everywhere.

All this to say, when in Vegas, be careful. You are on camera most of the time. Here is my modified slogan for you. “If You Happen In Vegas, You Will Stay In Vegas.” Maybe you will stay in jail or the hospital. Be warned.


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