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It’s Pool Party Time!


Spring is almost here and with it comes beautiful flowers and warmer days. Vegas blooms in other ways especially with its lack of flowers,  plants and trees. After all it is the desert.

In about a month Spring activities will begin to take center stage. Spring, in Vegas, heralds the opening of the almost countless swimming pools that are part of the majority of hotels in Las Vegas. They are in themselves a major attraction.

Some pools even have sandy beaches like the popular Mandalay Bay Beach. From various reviews this pool seems to be the best choice for someone who wants the sandy beach feel.

Spring in Vegas is also a time when men and women don their sexiest bathing suits and bikinis and head for the pools. Vegas is known for its pools. Whether you are looking for that special person, a date, or just wanting to take in the fleshly scenery, one of these pools should definitely be on your list of things-to-do on your next trip.

Pick your pool and dive in here.


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