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Going Clubbing? Gonna Party? Not In those Clothes You’re Not!

shutterstock_309767612One activity that tops the list of many visitors and locals alike, are the various clubs in and around Las Vegas. There are clubs that cater mostly to the young, twentyoneish crowd. Then, there are some that cater mostly to men or to women, and some that caters to adults in general.

If you are one who likes to go clubbing be sure to check out the dress code for the clubs you visit. Each club will have its own rules for proper dress. Some clubs are so popular that you will have to wait in line for a while to get in. What a tragedy it would be to wait your turn and then get refused entry because you don’t meet the code.

High rollers and other known people have “juice (clout or influence)” and might be able to skirt the rules, but most of us common folks won’t get that pass. It also can depend on who you know, and maybe what size bill you have in your hand. Money does talk. Always remember Vegas Rule #1: The currency of Las Vegas is currency. You can buy almost anything with the right amount of money in your hand.

We recommend visiting the website of each club to check out prices, dress codes, and what the club has to offer your age group. Here is one website to get you started, The XS at the Wynn: Here

This article gives a lot of detail and general rules to help you choose where to go and dress appropriately: Dress Code Help

Here is a list and reviews, the good, bad, and the ugly, of some of Vegas’ top clubs: Top Clubs List


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