Elvis Never Left The Building


Anyone who has ever been to Vegas in the last 50 years knows that Elvis lives and he lives in Las Vegas. He is  like, everywhere. You will find him at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign waiting to take a photo with you. He is walking the Strip. He officiates at hundreds of weddings, and he stars in numerous Vegas shows. Have you ever seen a Vegas movie that doesn’t play an Elvis song or have an Elvis impersonator in it? Probably not.

So, where will you find the best Elvis impersonator with the most talent and voice? I’ve seen quite a few Elvis shows over the twenty-six years that I have been frequenting Las Vegas. To be honest one of the best impersonators I have ever seen was in, at the time, a third rate hotel on the Strip called the La Concha. If memory serves it was populated by mostly single women and a few couples, and me.

Today, one of the best Elvis impersonators can be found in the lineup of the Legends in Concert show playing at the Flamingo. Elvis is one of a small group of impersonators in the show and each one sings several of their best known songs. If you are a senior man, during her act, Marilyn Monroe might sit in your lap and sing to you.

I’ve seen Legends at least three times over the years and the Elvis impersonator has never disappointed. In the shows I attended Elvis concluded the program with “Viva Las Vegas.” The perfect choice of song for Vegas.




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