Do Not Do These Things In Vegas


There are articles, books, videos, and abundant advice offered by friends as to what to do while in Las Vegas. Everybody has their favorite things to do. But, have you ever heard about what “not to do” while in Las Vegas? Well, we will share some advice here with the hope that your next trip to Las Vegas will be more fun and cost you less money.

There is, first of all, obvious things you shouldn’t do while in Vegas or anywhere else for that matter. These are common sense things like keeping away from drugs, dangerous situations, or attracting the attention of the law. Why ruin a good time, right? With that said, let’s discuss some other things that you shouldn’t do.

  1. Never pay full price for shows. You don’t have too. There are Tix4Tonight outlets at the Four Queens, Casino Royale, and  the Fashion Show Mall. Here you can literally save up to 60% or more on your favorite shows. Check  current prices here.
  2. Don’t pass up signing up for rewards programs. Why not? They are free and you may receive some great benefits.
  3. Don’t pass up valet parking. You can park most places and just tip what you want, usually $3-$5 up is fair. Otherwise you will spend much time finding a parking spot and walking long distances both ways. This takes up a lot of your precious time.
  4. Don’t gamble on the strip, especially slots. The payouts are better on Boulder Highway, Downtown, and in North Las Vegas. Rules for table games are usually better off the strip too and with lower minimums.
  5. Don’t pass up buying the annual Entertainment book for Las Vegas. It will quickly pay for itself with the hundreds of coupons.  Check the current edition here.
  6. Don’t pass up the many free attractions and shows.



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