Before You Visit Las Vegas

shutterstock_169042358This article is more for folks who have never been to Las Vegas or haven’t been there in a long time. Vegas has changed substantially over the last decade or so. Things are no longer cheap and gambling is not the only reason people visit. There are many reasons why people come to this great city.

It did used to be that hotel rooms were dirt cheap as were meals. A $5.99 meal was common as were steak or lobster meals for as low as $7.99. The object was to get you to Vegas and get you into the casino and keep you there as long as possible. Shows were free or fairly cheap by today’s standards. Many were $15-35 for the good ones.

Today, Vegas has learned to charge for almost everything, even things you don’t care about or use. For example, you will almost certainly be charged a “resort fee” for every night you stay in a hotel. These can be for various services so see what you get for your money. Some hotels offer more than others.

You thought that $59 per night rate was great when you booked it. But, then, when you checked out you were billed an additional $25 per night resort fee. These fees seem to go up every year too. Read the small print before you book. It’s harder to find any hotel where they don’t snag you for something.

Another trap I fell into was checking into my hotel an hour early. Even though my room was ready, they charged me $20. Of course, if you check out late, they will get you again.

Other budget items to consider are the Vegas shows. The good ones can cost hundreds of dollars per person. If you stay at an MGM property, you will now pay parking each day. Food can also be a real budget buster, but you can find your usual fast food establishments, but even some of these have very inflated prices.

This is not to be a down-on-Las Vegas piece, but we want our friends to be prepared. Vegas is great, fun, and unique. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for.



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