There Are Bars and There Are Party Bars

bar-918541_960_720The variety among bars is vast. All bars are not the same. That’s for sure. In Vegas, you can find a bar about every 100 feet it would seem. They are everywhere. But, there are bars and then there are party bars.

If you are into the bar scene, have a wild side, want to imbibe and have some fun at the same time, why not try one of Vegas’ party bars? We don’t know exactly how many party bars there are, but we will list a few for you. Then, you can decide which ones to try.

We will start our list with O’Sheas. O’Sheas is located in the Linq Promenade area across from Caesars. O’Sheas actually offers three different bars. What sets these apart is the live entertainment and unique games. You might even try your hand at Beer Pong. The theme is Irish, all the time. So maybe you will find your lucky leprechaun here. Trip Advisor members gave this place a very high rating.

The next party bar is Diablo’s Cantina, located inside Monte Carlo on the south part of the Strip. One feature folks talk about is “Wheel-O’Sin.” This device offers special deals and offers every half hour between the hours of 3 and 7 PM each day. If you love tequila and enjoy people watching, this is your place. The weekends offer up some variety with Latin night each Friday while Saturdays feature hip-hop and music from the top 40.

shutterstock_140725666Another hot spot is Senor Frogs. Located at the TI. It’s a taste of Mexico. Think you can hold your liquor? They have contests so you may have to prove your metal. If you can’t handle that contest, how about a bikini contest? Whether you take your chances in the competitions or just want to sit and sip, Senor Frogs may become your place of choice.

One final party bar is Margaritaville at the Flamingo right in the center of the Strip. There are few who don’t know about this place. The outdoor patio is a gathering place for the thirsty and on select nights you will find live entertainment. There is not better place to get your favorite margarita.

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