Another World Record Broken On The Strip

shutterstock_271518788World records are not always easy to break. Some stay unbroken for years. How about this one. A 55 year- old grandmother and cancer survivor ran 135 miles nonstop up and down the Strip. Want to try and break that record? And, what’s really unusual is that she gives some credit to Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s. Read on and find out why.

This is an incredible feat and accomplishment by Helene Neville of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sun reports on the Neville story:

Even more incredible: It was just two months after leaving a hospital having undergone surgery for a fourth time in her continuing battle against cancer. To comply with the Guinness World Record rules, she didn’t lay down once.

Helene credits a McDonald’s Happy Meal at midnight and two Dunkin’ Donuts desserts at 5 a.m. in giving her the energy to break through the pre-dawn wall of fatigue. Why 135 miles?

Read the full story here.


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