2017 Convention Schedule-Times To Avoid Las Vegas


The 2017 convention schedule is set. And, next year’s conventions start in just a few weeks. In fact, the first conventions will start the very first week of January.

Some conventions are small and have little impact on hotel prices and other associated costs of coming to the city. However, some conventions are huge and cause hotel rates to skyrocket. Sometimes finding an affordable room in the city is near impossible.

We have encouraged anyone who is planning a trip to Las Vegas to check the convention schedule before they come. If they don’t and they find a large convention in town, they may face some unexpected challenges and costs. This is especially true if hotel reservations were not made in advance. I can tell personal stories of how I suffered for my failure to check the convention schedule

We will give you a list of the conventions set for January 2017. Then, at the end of this list, you will find a link to the Las Vegas Tourism and Convention Authority with a complete list for next year. Take notice that many of these dates overlap, so crowds will be increased during these dates.  Checking this list may be the best thing you do today.

In summary, if you have a flexible schedule then it is to your advantage to avoid certain dates to visit Las Vegas. We suggest you avoid Las Vegas when the big conventions are in town or when several smaller ones are in town at the same time thus swelling the crowd size.

January 2017 Las Vegas Conventions:

1/5-1/8: CES 2017-177,000 attendees

1/8-1/12: Promotional Products International-20,000 attendees

1/11-1/13: ATD Techknowledge Conference & Exposition-1,200 attendees

1/17-1/20: World of Concrete 2017-60,000 attendees

1/17-1/20: Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT)-64,500 attendees

1/18-1/20: International Surface Event 2017-25,000

1/18-1/21: Adult Entertainment Expo-AVN 2017-25,000 attendees

1/22-1/26: Las Vegas Market-Winter-50,000 attendees

1/23-1/26: Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAQ)-1,800 attendees

1/25-1/29: Mecum Auctions-Mot0rcycle Auction-7,500

1/25-1/26: Tobacco Plus Expo-4,000 attendees

1/28-2/4: Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine- Annual Convention-1,600 attendees

1/30-2/1: International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating-AHR Expo-60,000 attendees

1/31-2/4: National Association of Auxiliary  Services -NACAS 21st Annual Leadership Team Meeting-60 attendees

Now, you can check the entire schedule for 2017 by clicking here


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