Wild, Weird Las Vegas Facts


When the topic turns to Las Vegas, the words “normal” or “ordinary” do not usually come into the conversation. Las Vegas is anything but normal or ordinary when compared to other cities. This is exactly why so many people love Las Vegas. They are tired of normal and ordinary.

Since Las Vegas is what it is, there are a lot of weird, wild, and interesting facts about Las Vegas. These are not common knowledge.

We will share some of these with you now.



  1. There is a service in Las Vegas that specializes in curing hangovers. It’s aptly named Hangover Heaven. Just in case you need their services now, here is their number. 702-850-4359.
  2. Have you ever wanted to drive a bulldozer? Now you can. The place you want to visit is Dig This. Call them now and reserve your heavy equipment.888-344-8447.
  3. Why not try shooting a grenade launcher. It’s only $40 and you get to shoot twice. Check out Machine Guns Vegas. 800-757-8668.
  4. Did you know that in many cases you can cash in chips at one casino from another one?
  5. There is a small airline that shuttles workers to and from Areas 51.





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