Things You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas-Are We Wrong?

las-vegas-sign-01Las Vegas is, in many people’s minds, is the most interesting city in the world. This belief is with good reason. Vegas was little more than a stretch of desert a hundred years ago. Since then, the miraculous  transition to a major metropolitan area, gambling Mecca, and entertainment capital has fascinated the multitudes.

Books have been written about the people, the places and the things that made Vegas what it is today. And, Las Vegas has stolen the hearts of so many people. Just read some of the comments on our blogs if you doubt it.

Here are some things you may not know about Las Vegas.

  1. Michael Jackson had plans to build a large 50 foot tall moon walking robot. As weird as it sounds, the robot would be a replica of Jackson and it would roam the Las Vegas desert. This was intended to be a way to advertise his planned comeback in 2005. Of course, this never happened and hopefully, the robot is not on the loose.
  2. If you were to spend just one night in each hotel room in Las Vegas, it would take you about 300 years. Better get started.
  3. When the MGM originally opened, its entrance was a large lion whose mouth you had to walk through to enter the casino. This was dismantled and replaced with a 50 ton lion statue. Why? because to Orientals, walking through the lion’s mouth was bad luck. Not a good thing for a casino.
  4. The gold looking windows on top of the Mirage are not solid gold, of course, but are colored with real gold dust.
  5. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free standing observation tower west of the Mississippi.
  6. “Las Vegas” means “The Meadows.”
  7. The first non-Indian to enter the Las Vegas area was Rafael Rivera, a scout for merchant Antonio Armijo.
  8. The first casino on the Strip was the El Rancho in 1941. Many, thanks to the movies and Vegas lore, believe it was Bugsy’s Flamingo. It was, in fact, the third in 1946.
  9. The majority of the Strip is not in Las Vegas, but in Clark County and in the unincorporated areas of Paradise and Winchester.
  10. The Bellagio’s lake is 8 acres big. Guess they don’t know about the water shortage.


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