The Long History Of First Vegas Casino

IMG_5446If you had to guess, would you know what is the oldest hotel & casino in Las Vegas? Of course, the Strip was not in existence when Las Vegas was founded so this hotel was built and still stands in downtown Las Vegas.

The answer is The Golden Gate, often known for it’s shrimp cocktail that used to be 50 cents in 1959, but now is $3.99. This is still a steal-deal when you consider that you get about 30 shrimp. In 2008 over 30 million of these dishes had been served and we can’t confirm the current number, but on anyone’s scale, it’s a lot of shrimp.


The Golden Gate has not always been the Golden Gate. This property began in 1906 as Hotel Nevada. Then, in 1931, when gambling was legalized in Nevada, the name was changed to Sal Segav (Las Vegas spelled backwards). Finally, in 1955, businessmen from San Francisco bought the hotel and renamed it the Golden Gate.

Part of the original structure is still there. It is an historic site that we hope our friends will visit. The gambling is good there too.


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