Test Your Vegas Knowledge


Ok, Las Vegas lovers. Let see what you have learned about this great city. This little quiz will test your knowledge and, if you don’t know some answers, learn something new. This is one of our easier tests so you should ace it.

Here we go. Let us know how you did. Answers will be below the set of questions.


  1. What is the oldest hotel & casino in Las Vegas? This one is downtown.
  2. Who is the former mob lawyer who became Mayor of Las Vegas?
  3. What is the name of the double decker bus that offers transportation up and down the strip and downtown?
  4. Who is the brother/sister team that plays at the Flamingo?
  5. What is name of the pyramid shaped hotel?
  6. The Blue Man Group moved from Monte Carlo to where?
  7. True or false-People will put casino chips in their church’s offering plates?
  8. True or false-Their are actually three  “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Signs”
  9. True or false-Bugsy Siegel built the first Strip hotel & casino.
  10. True or false-The Wynn and Encore Hotels and not located in Las Vegas.
1. Golden Gate
2. Oscar Goodman
3. The Deuce
4. Donnie and Marie Osmand
5. Luxor
6. Luxor
7. True
8. True-One is south of Mandalay Bay; one is just north of the Stratosphere; and one is on Boulder Highway.
9. False-His, the Flamingo was the 3rd, 5 years after the first one, the El Rancho.
10. True-They are in Clarke County and not in Las Vegas city limits.
So, who made 100%. Post your score. Thanks for giving this a try.


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