Test Your Vegas Knowledge. It’s Trivia Time!

shutterstock_197284433This time in our trivia post, we will blend some history with current happenings and news. See how you do. Most of the questions are on topics we have written on in the past, some the recent past.

Regardless of whether you report your score or not, please give us a “like” if you take the quiz. We want to know who likes Vegas trivia. Ok, here we go. Answers follow the questions at the bottom of the page.


  1. Who was the Strip visionary who owned the Pair-O-Dice in 1939. He was also a former vice cop from the LA area?
  2. What is the name of the new venue on top of Paris?
  3. Which corporation is going to start charging parking fees at its 9 Vegas properties? (Boo, hiss).
  4. Why is May 15, 1905 so important in Vegas history?
  5. The Flamingo was the _____hotel & casino on the Strip? Hint: It was not the first as many believe.
  6. What is the name of the new hotel & casino being built right now on W. Sahara?
  7. Who was the popular Mayor of Las Vegas who was also a mob lawyer in the past? His wife is the current Mayor.
  8. True or False? Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.
  9. What hotel is the home of the 34-year old show Jubilee?
  10. Who is the famous Vegas icon who lived on a ranch called Casa de Shenandoah?


  1. Guy McAfee
  2. Budweiser Beer Park
  3. MGM
  4. It is the date of the auction by the Santa Fe, LA, and Salt Lake City Railroad auctioned off 1200 lots recognized as the official founding, not incorporation, of Las Vegas. Incorporation was March 16, 1911.
  5. 3rd.
  6. Lucky Dragon
  7. Oscar Goodman
  8. True
  9. Ballys
  10. Wayne Newton



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