Questions Only For Vegas Trivia Experts


Let’s test our trivia knowledge about Las Vegas. Even if you don’t know the answers you will learn more about the city you love by reading and answering today’s questions. Next time you get into a conversation about Las Vegas with your friends, you will impress them greatly.

We will offer questions on Las Vegas’ history, current things to do, and personalities of the past and present. If you get 7-10 questions correct, you can claim to be an expert because you are.

Here are the ten questions with the answers below. Have fun.


  1. Who was the mob lawyer who later became Las Vegas’s mayor?
  2. Where can you ride a zip line that runs from the top of one hotel tower to another?
  3. Who is the Vegas business mogul who built the Mirage and other Strip hotels over the years?
  4. Why is May 15, 1905 a red letter day in Las Vegas history? If you are really good, can you tell why March 16, 1911 is also important?
  5. What is the name of the now closed restaurant where patrons ate on a platform hoisted high into the sky with a crane? It was located on W. Sahara.
  6. What is the hotel that is housed inside Caesars Palace?
  7. What is illegal in Clark County, but is practiced without restraint?
  8. The Las Vegas Strip is located in what non incorporated areas?
  9. Who is the Vegas entertainer who owns Casa de Shenandoah?
  10. Where would you go to see the Blue Man Group perform. Hint: They moved within the last year.


  1. Oscar Goodman. By the way, he played himself in the movie Casino.
  2. Rio on West Flamingo.
  3. Steve Wynn.
  4. This was the date of the railroad auction of 1200 lots that formally established Las Vegas as a city.
  5. Dinner in the Sky
  6. Nubo
  7. Prostitution.
  8. Winchester and Paradise.
  9. Wayne Newton
  10. Luxor



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