Pigeons And Homeless May Starve In Vegas

woman-737437_960_720In some ways, Vegas is a weird city in that some of its rules and ordinances belie it’s reputation as Sin City and a city of excessive freedoms. It is a city where almost anything goes.

Visitors will see kinds of unusual things, things they may not want to see, just while walking the Strip. Who needs to pay for entertainment when you can get it free just walking the Strip.

However, there are some things that have been banned in Las Vegas, weird things. For example, you can’t feed the pigeons in Clark County. For some reason pigeons are hated almost as much as the homeless. There is also an ordinance against feeding the homeless in public parks. This put a severe restraint on churches and charities who try to help the homeless.

As much as Las Vegas is a fun city and much beloved by millions, it isn’t known for its big heart. One has to wonder why certain things are banned.

Check out these other things that were banned.



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