Many Little Known Facts About The Palace

shutterstock_371277403The many little known facts about Caesars Palace is what stirs our interest. Who hasn’t heard of Caesars Palace? It is probably the most recognized hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Today’s Caesars Palace has grown to truly palatial proportions. There are many interesting facts, fables, and lore about this great place. There are mysteries too.

Walking from the Octavius Tower on the south side to the Forum Shops on the north side can take 15 minutes to walk it. And, that is if you know your way around.

Caesars Palace. The emperor of the Strip.

Caesars Palace. The emperor of the Strip.

Here are some of the generally unknown facts about Caesars Palace. Walk with us down memory lane.

  1. Jay Sarno, the man who built Caesars Palace opened August 6, 1966. In that first, early stage, of the hotel, Jay Sarno had his initials “JS” placed somewhere around the foundation of the hotel. On my last visit to Caesars I inquired about this. I asked where they were. I wanted to take a picture. Hotel personnel told me that the new construction in recent years had to cover them up. So much for history.
  2. The beautiful suite that got trashed in the movie “The Hangover,” wasn’t really in Caesars Palace. It was a movie set.
  3. There are various lucky items, that people rub for luck in Las Vegas. One is the long bronze carving of chorus girls with their butts facing you, that was in front of the Riviera, but now lives at Planet Hollywood. At Caesars there are four such lucky charms. There is the glove on boxing champion Joe Louis’ glove, the breasts of Cleopatra on Cleopatra’s barge, the big toe on the King David stature, and the finger of Caesar at the entrance to the hotel.


    Rub their butts and lady luck is yours!

  4. In 1971 the very first Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy telethon was held at Caesars.
  5. Evel Knievel came close to death as he tried to jump the fountain in front of Caesars Palace in 1967. He missed his mark, got injured and remained in a coma for a month.
  6. Here is a mystery. Inside the parking garage at Caesars Palace there are hundreds, maybe thousands,  of footprints on the walls and support beams. Where did they come from?

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