Just Some Las Vegas Fun Facts


From time to time we post some trivia quizzes. Today, however, we are going to simply post some interesting facts, trivia, about our favorite city. See if you already knew these fascinating fun facts.

  1. 1. In 1952, Sammy Davis, Jr, decided to take a swim in the New Frontier’s swimming pool. Of course, at that time, the pool was for “whites only.” So, when Sammy Davis finished his swim, they drained the pool.
  2. 2. If you are one of those who happen to drink to much and wake up with a hangover, there is a service that will repair the damage with IV fluids and nutrition. It’s called, Hangover Heaven. Maybe you should jot down their number, 702-850-4304.
3. The Eiffel Tower replica in front of the Paris is 50% the size of the one in Paris. The original plans were to make it the same size as the original. But, it was panned due to aircraft patterns to and from McCarran Airport.
4. 17 of the largest 20 hotels in the country are located in Las Vegas.
5. Over 22,000 conventions are held in Las Vegas each year. Check the convention calendar before you go to Vegas to make sure that you can get a room you can afford. Prices can go up substantially during large conventions.
6. Annual rainfall in Las Vegas is just a tad over 4 inches. Vegas odds are that you won’t need an umbrella.
7. The Stratosphere stands tall at 1149 feet making it the tallest observation tower in the US.
8. Bugsy Siegel’s first casino was not the Flamingo, but the El Cortez downtown. And, the Flamingo was the not the first hotel on the strip. It was the third.
9. The Luxor is so big in cubic footage, 29 million cubic feet to be exact, you could stack 9 Boeing 747s on top of each other and still have some room to spare. But, it appears that the folks would rather have the slot machines. LOL.
10. Prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas (Clark County). You may have noticed that this law is not vigorously enforced.  You will see billboards like the one below driving the Strip all hours of the day and night.


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