Do You Know Vegas?

cactus-1059633_960_720You love Las Vegas and you come every time you get a chance, but what do you really know about this great city and its fascinating history?  See if you can answer a few of these questions and learn new things as you see the answers. But, try to answer first. You may know more than you think. Answers are below.


1, What downtown casino caters largely to Hawaiians?

2. What downtown casino was named by its owner in 1965 after his four daughters?

3. What downtown street was named after a famous military explorer? His scout was Kit Carson.

4. What Strip hotel has an 8 acre lake?

5. What famous chef, a female, has a restaurant inside the Cromwell?

6. What famous Vegas Icon owned a ranch called Casa de Shenandoah?

7.  What hotel was made famous by Bugsy Siegel?

8.  What is the average rainfall in Las Vegas per year? We don’t suggest opening a umbrella business there.

9.  Who was Siegfried’s partner? These two magicians had a long running show at the Mirage.

10. What hotel that is now on the same spot as the original Aladdin hotel where Elvis was married in 1967?

Look below and see how you did. Who got 100?




  1. California
  2. Four Queens (Ben Goffstein’s daughters: Michelle, Benita, Faith, and Hope.
  3. John C. Fremont
  4. Bellagio
  5. Giada
  6. Wayne Newton
  7. Flamingo
  8. 4.19 inches per year. This about 54% less than the state average.
  9. Roy Horn
  10. Planet Hollywood


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