Do You Know These Weird Vegas Facts?

tree-1045914_960_720There is not too much that is normal about Las Vegas anyway so no surprise there are so many weird stories, trivia bits, and facts. We try and cover these regularly here on this site. Today, we will list some of the weirdest and most interesting facts about our favorite town.

Ok, here we go. See if you know any of these:

  1. It’s actually true that a man died of a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street.
  2. Staff members of Las Vegas casinos commit around 34% of the theft. This is why there is somebody watching somebody all the time in casinos.
  3. The main reason that folks come to Las Vegas is NOT to gamble. In fact a small percentage do. But, once there over 70% do.
  4. The Sphinx at the Luxor is actually larger than the original in Giza.
  5. The ratio of Las Vegas residents to slot machines is 1 to 8.
  6. Between the Strip and Downtown there is approximately 15,000 miles of neon tubing.
  7. You can by land on the Strip today for as little as $3,000,000. Probably not much land.
  8. The brightest light in the world is on the top of the Luxor. It cost $51 per hour to operate it.
  9. Mayme Stocker, a woman, received the first license to operate a casino in Nevada.
  10. The first hotel in Las Vegas was Hotel Nevada in 1906. It was renamed the Sal Sagev in 1931 and the Golden Gate in 1955. It continues to be in business.


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