A Wedding Like None Other-Only In Vegas

shutterstock_293026655In 1995 downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street area, underwent a massive makeover. It became known as “The Fremont Experience.” A 1500 foot long canopy was constructed over several blocks of Freemont Street. This canopy also served, and continues to serve, as a projection screen, the worlds largest. Each night a stunning, bright, and colorful laser show fills the entire area of the canopy.

Underneath the canopy are two well known neon figures that grace the Fremont Street Experience. On the south side of the street stands, Vegas Vic. He towers above the now closed Pioneer Club. Directly across the street, on the north side, sits Vegas Vicky that hangs above Glitter Gulch.shutterstock_107080073 shutterstock_9042412

So, what is so unusual about these two neon figures? Well, prior to 1995, Vegas Vicky was known as Sassy Sally, but something unusual changed her name.

During the construction of the Fremont Experience, both Vegas Vic and Sassy Sally were brought down to street level and married by a local pastor. Thus, Sassy Sally became Vegas Vicky through her marriage to Vegas Vic.



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