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Yes! There Are FREE Things To Do In Las Vegas

Yes, it’s free! No cost! We’ve often said that there isn’t anything free in Las Vegas. And, generally, this is absolutely true. There is usually a catch, however, there are some free, or almost free things to do including some excellent shows.

Let us say though that the shows may require a 1 or 2 drink minimum. They have to make money some way. As always Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).

One thing that both newcomers and Vegas regulars love are the fascinating architectural sights to see. There is the pyramid (Luxor), the Eiffel Tower at the Paris, a volcano at Mirage, and the canals at the Venetian to name just a few. There is also a lot of things to see inside the many casinos. Caesars Palace could almost charge admission just to walk through it. and the Aria at City Center has a silver replica of the Colorado River. Yes, you read that correctly. Read an article by the Las Vegas Sun on this unusual attraction here.

There are several store/museums on the Strip. There is the M&M, Coca Cola, and Hershey shops. Each offer unique items and branded memorabilia. All of these are on the south end of the Strip near Tropicana.

The M&M store has a free 3D movie that kids of all ages will love. Now, even though visiting these shops doesn’t cost you anything, it is doubtful, you will get out without buying something. Who can resist those cute M&M characters?


How about those free shows? Most of these are offered during the daytime.  For example, there are circus acts at Circus Circus. There is usually a magic show playing somewhere that is free. And, Samstown has Mystic Falls each evening, a water and music show. We don’t want to forget the laser show at the Fremont Experience downtown. It is one of the most unusual attractions in the area.

Don’t forget about Hoover Dam. It’s free to look at and explore. There is also Red Rock Canyon to the west about 30 minutes. So many great things to do for little or no cost.

When you plan your next trip to Vegas, google “free attractions in Las Vegas” and make a list. This will give your wallet a rest. Have fun!!!



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