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Vegas Hobbies For Fun And Profit

gambling-593210_960_720If you are a Vegas lover, and you probably are, have you considered taking up a hobby, a Vegas hobby? There are quite a few collectibles that are fun to seek out and collect. Some are, or can become, valuable over time.

One hobby, that I enjoyed some years back was collecting casino chips, especially the limited editions or first editions. As someone who loves Vegas history, I would seek out chips from older, sometimes long gone casinos.

You can find a casino chip niche and build a good collection without spending too much money. You can, for example, find chips made in honor of your favorite singer or Vegas star. Then there are some that showcase some new hotel, concert, famous Vegan, or historical event..

You can find out more about chips and their prices by visiting here.

Another hobby that is popular is collecting postcards from the past and present. Many of these are just plain cool. Younger folks won’t remember the old downtown before the Fremont Experience was created in 1995. A lot of people, like me, preferred the old downtown when you could drive up and down Fremont Street.

Find out more about post cards here.

Also collecting hotel keys is popular. I kept from my stay at Caesars Palace a few weeks ago. You can find these and other collectibles on Ebay and Amazon. So, check them out.


Finally, there are the general collectibles, ones like ashtrays, shot glasses, card decks, or beer mugs from the various hotels.  Find something you like and go for it. It’s fun and can be profitable.



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