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Thrill Seekers Don’t Miss These Things!

Calling all thrill seekers! Do you love to push the envelope and do things beyond what most people are willing to do? If so, we have some activities for you to try while in Las Vegas, if you dare.

There are some heart pounding thrill rides in Las Vegas like the Sky Jump, Big Shot, Insanity, and X-Scream at the Stratosphere. Then, there is New York New York’s famous Big Apple Coaster. Finally, there is driving down the Strip on Saturday night. LOL

But seriously folks, there is one thrill ride that gets overlooked. It originates at the Executive Airport in Henderson.

Maybe you have ridden in private airplanes before, but have you ever done acrobatics-rolls, spins, loops, and Cuban-8s? And, speeds will reach 250 mph or more. How about some sky combat flights? You can do any or all of these.

There is a “Top Gun” aerobatics package for $699. This one is amazing. Their website advertises it this way:

Twice as long as the Afterburner, the Top Gun experience is an interactive adventure of a lifetime.  This profile includes many of the same maneuvers as an Afterburner, but this time, YOU fly the plane! That’s right, once our highly trained instructor pilots show you how to do a maneuver, it’s your turn at the controls.  Don’t worry, no flight experience is necessary. There is an identical set of flight controls in the back, where our expert instructors sit, so they are there to help out in the event you need it.

You will be amazed at what you can do in these unbelievable airplanes after a small amount of training.  Learn for yourself what it is like to fly a world class aerobatic aircraft as you pull back on the stick to execute a perfect loop. Watch the horizon spin at up to 420 degrees per second as you try out your first aileron roll.  After the aerobatics, your ride is far from over!

These opportunities are a thrill seekers ultimate experience. Prices start at $249 and various packages are offered. If you have a weak heart or bladder skip this experience.

Get all the information you need to pick your flight package right here.


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