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Thinking About A Vegas Wedding?

shutterstock_127192190Las Vegas is known for many things. Weddings have to be near the top of the list. Each year 110,000-120,000 couples will tie the knot in Las Vegas. Many of these couples will choose one of the 50 or more wedding chapels sprinkled throughout the area.

Others may choose a casino wedding chapel or other offerings within a casino, like at the Eiffel Tower at Paris. Still others may prefer a church or outside venue in the area.

There are no required blood tests or waiting requirements in Vegas. Once a decision is made a couple can be married and on their honeymoon within a few hours. Wedding seekers will need to be 18 years old and be able to prove their identity. Applicants must appear in person at a marriage bureau. The current fee for a marriage license is $77.00.

There are strict licensing requirements in Vegas for anyone performing a wedding so it is critical that couples ensure that their officiant is legal. For more information visit:

Those who hold religious convictions may need to ensure that they don’t violate their own faiths’ requirements. And, some still want a traditional wedding and do not want Elvis or Darth Vader to do the ceremony. Some research is needed to check on all these details. The prices will vary widely too, so picking a chapel or officiant within your budget is important to confirm before the wedding.

Some chapels even offer drive through weddings for those in a real hurry. Regardless of where you choose to marry, it will help reduce stress and save time if you plan ahead and make a reservation. Some chapels limit how many weddings they will do in a day.

Something to note is that Nevada has the highest divorce rate in the country. So, after the wedding travel quickly to another state where the divorce rate is low. LOL



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