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Mob Museum To Celebrate Five Year Success

shutterstock_207836764-1One of Vegas’ truly unique attraction is the Mob Museum located on Steward Avenue, just two blocks north of the Fremont Experience. From February 10-14 there will be special events taking place in celebration of a five year anniversary of success. One of the highlights of the celebration period will be the new display of genuine articles from the infamous  St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. On February 14th there will be some special admission prices, some free to Vegas locals and some 2 for 1 deals.

If you are not aware of the significance of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre History.com tells us:

Four men dressed as police officers enter gangster Bugs Moran’s headquarters on North Clark Street in Chicago, line seven of Moran’s henchmen against a wall, and shoot them to death. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, as it is now called, was the culmination of a gang war between arch rivals Al Capone and Bugs Moran.shutterstock_408973720

George “Bugs” Moran was a career criminal who ran the North Side gang in Chicago during the bootlegging era of the 1920s. He fought bitterly with “Scarface” Al Capone for control of smuggling and trafficking operations in the Windy City. Throughout the 1920s, both survived several attempted murders. On one notorious occasion, Moran and his associates drovesix cars past a hotel in Cicero, Illionis, where Capone and his associates were having lunch and showered the building with more than 1,000 bullets. Read History.com’s full article here.

shutterstock_366259814The Mob Museum, as you would expect, houses all types of historical memorabilia, history videos, and displays. Depending on your level of interest, you could spend an hour going through or all day. At the end of the tour is a gift shop with a good selection of mob books, videos, and gifts. The Mob had and still has a strong connection with Las Vegas history. The Mob Museum is one place that clearly, and unashamedly, displays this historical relationship.


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