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Look! UFOs, Conspiracies, And Aliens



Las Vegas does not disappoint. There is something to fit everyone’s taste in fun, adventure, and in culture. Speaking of true culture, let’s veer off the well trodden path. Let’s talk about a place where talk of conspiracies, UFOs, and aliens are the topics of the day, actually, everyday.

If this stirs your curiosity, then there is one place that you can’t miss on your next trip. It’s the Area 51 Exhibit that is located within the Atomic Testing Museum located on the corner of E. Flamingo and Swenson, about two miles off the Strip. The museum, too, is well worth the stop especially if you lived through the early cold war era (1950s).

Area 51 is technically Groom Lake, a military restricted area in Nevada. It is also referred to as Dreamland and the Nellis AirIMG_2961 Force Range Complex. Area 51 has created quite an explosion of UFO sightings and birthed enough conspiracies to keep the books and television specials going for decades.

In the photo (left), is the famous Robby the Robot. The exhibit presented some interesting testimonies, history, and photos. There was even a full sized alien that reportedly is the actual size and looks of the real thing. There is an amazing resemblance among all the descriptions of aliens that witnesses allegedly have seen.

Let me share a personal story regarding Area 51. Way back in 1995 I visited Newt Gingrich, the then Speaker of the House. I had met the Speaker many times over the years, even before he ran for Congress the first time. He was always very cordial so I thought I’d take a chance while on my visit. I asked him to officially request a pass for me to visit Area 51, Dreamland. He did.

It didn’t take long. I got an answer from a full Colonel of the Air Force. The letter I received in response is pictured here. Maybe you will have better luck getting in. If you do, take me with you.




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