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Live It Up A Little-Rent A Limo


Girls Not Included!!!

A few days ago, I was visiting a new casino in Murphy, NC. I met a couple who are going to Vegas in December. They asked me about limousine services in Vegas. This is a good question so let’s take a look.

I have had the pleasure of a limo service in Las Vegas when I traveled there with a good friend and a small group of his employees. We were picked up in baggage claim at McCarran Airport. If you have flown into Vegas before you may remember the many suited guys and gals standing around with a sign with someone’s name on it. Most of these debonair folks are limo drivers.

The inside of a limo, like the one pictured here can be lush and may come with extras, such as complimentary beverages or even a full bar setup. By the way, the girls are not included. Just FYI.

It was a rush riding in our limo, in high style around one of the world’s greatest cities. Those on the outside trying to peek in don’t know if those inside the limo are Jennifer Lopez, or me or you. Let them guess. It’s fun being a VIP.

The main thing people want to know about limo services is how much does it cost? This is important. You do need to know what you are getting into (forgive the pun), before you do. The prices are not as high as you might think. And, there are various packages available with unique options.

If you were not aware, limo services offer a wide variety of vehicles. They offer stretch limos, luxury cars, SUVs, buses, and even Hummers. They can accommodate one person or up to 48 people.

Tours are a popular reason to rent a limo especially if you have a number of people to split the costs. If you haven’t been to Vegas before you might consider doing a city tour to get the lay of the land. Las Vegas is really an easy place to navigate once you understand where the main attractions are located. The majority of the popular visitor venues are to be found on or just off Las Vegas Boulevard.

As one would guess, there are many competing limousine services in Las Vegas. And, they may operate on different price scales. One may charge an hourly rate with a minimum of so many hours. Others may offer a package deal or rent by the day or by drop-off location like a cab.

If you would like to check out what is available here are some services to check out and compare services:

Omni Limousine:

Presidential Limousine:

Bell Limousine:

Las Vegas LX Limo:



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