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Get Away And Cool Off At Mount Charleston

shutterstock_2127105Mt. Charleston is only 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas and is less than an hour drive from the Strip. It is part of the Spring Mountains Range and is the tallest peak in Nevada. It stands at 11, 916 feet at its highest point.

In summer months Mt. Charleston is a perfect place to cool off. It offers a scenic escape from the Strip for those who need a break or can’t stand the heat. This majestic mountain offers a distinct change of scenery and a noticeable decline of temperature, up to 30 degrees cooler at times.

There are various activity options too, including: camping, nature walks, hiking, and horseback riding. There are also wildflowers, butterflies, and wildlife to discover .

In the colder months, November through April, skiing and snowboarding are available. There are resorts and local services that provide lodging as well as skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor opportunities for all skill levels.

If you decide to take the drive, it’s easy to find Mt. Charleston. Go north on I-15 to the north end of downtown. You will see US 95 heading to the west. Go west until you get to NV 157, turn left and then on to the mountain.


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