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Four Movies Were Filmed Here

film-1328405_960_720We want to encourage you to visit a very interesting place you likely never have heard about. One trivia point is that scenes from four different movies were filmed here. This place, although close by, is nothing like Las Vegas

Many movies have been filmed in and around Las Vegas. Some of the more well known are Casino, Leaving Las Vegas, The Hangover, and Vegas Vacation, to name a few. Most of these were filmed on the Strip although there are some scenes shot in downtown too. A more recent film, Paradise, had a lot of footage from the Fremont Street Experience. If you like Vegas movies, this one is really different and actually somewhat heartwarming.

There were four films who included scenes at a very historic, out-of-the-way, site that is about an hours drive from the Strip. The place, called Techatticup, is located in Eldorado Canyon near the Colorado River,. Techatticup is just outside of Nelson, Nevada that has only 30 residents. The word “Techatticup” means in Paiute, “Feed me.”

img_6577The four films that chose to use Techatticup are 3000 Miles to Graceland, Breakdown, Eye of the Beholder, and Johnny & the Highrollers. Also, famous photographer, Peter Lik, shot some photos here.

Visiting Techatticup is a great choice for something to do that is really different. It has a lot of history associated with it especially form the old West days. There were quite a few murders there and one of the richest gold mines in Nevada at the time. You can still take tours of the mine. Part of it is reported to be haunted.

You may also run into some rattle snakes, road runners, or other desert wildlife. Tony and Bobbie Werley bought the place 22 years ago. Bobbie minds the store and Tony leads the tours around the property and the mine. He also makes sure no rattlesnakes are waiting at the entrance to the mine.  Tours are $12 per person.img_6583

Techatticup is easy to get to. Go south on I-515 until it blends into Highway 93/95 going towards Boulder City. When you pass Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino, you will see a right turn on to Highway 95. Go about 10 miles and turn left on Highway 165. Go another 12 miles and you will see it on the left after you pass the city of Nelson. Here are a few more photos we took on our recent visit.

You can learn more about this great, little known, place here.

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