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Four Horrendously Stupid Things Not To Do In Vegas

shutterstock_47923588There are four really stupid things not to do, in Las Vegas. In fact, there are probably dozens of stupid things to avoid in Vegas, but we will only talk about four. You may have your own list of stupid things to do or you may think the ones we mention are not stupid, but fun.

The first on our list is jumping out of a window of the Stratosphere Tower at over 100 stories off the ground. No, this is not a planned suicide, but rather a way to feel the thrill of jumping out of a building on a wire that will allow you to land without dying.

Now this next activity is sort of new and could really be terrifying to some people, especially if they have some claustrophobic tendencies. There are what are called Vegas “Escape Rooms.” These experiences are where a group of folks are locked in a room and they have to find their way out. It can be a disorientating experience too. These escape rooms are now popping up around Las Vegas.

A really dumb and stupid thing to do is to try and cheat one of the casinos. They will catch you and you will end up in jail. The good news is that in today’s world, you won’t have your fingers broken or your legs crippled as they could have been back in the day. We wrote an article about this topic earlier. Check it out here.

Drinking while gambling. Why do you think that casinos give you free drinks while gambling? It’s because they know that you will take more chances while tipsy. This cost you money, maybe a lot of money if you are not disciplined. If you are a serious gambler, then don’t drink until after your victory. Then you have something to celebrate and you can afford that drink.

These are just four stupid things to avoid, but as we said earlier there are many. To read a lot more of the dumb and stupid things not to do in Vegas check here and here.




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