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Finding Love In Las Vegas-A Good Bet?

shutterstock_359837495In Vegas, we know the house always has the edge. That’s for gambling, of course. But, what are the odds of finding love,  permanent relationships, and romance? Is finding love that difficult in America’s favorite city?

Is Vegas a good bet if you are single and are ready for a relationship? Are the odds any better in Vegas than say in other cities across America? Can you find love in Las Vegas? Let’s find out.

After doing research, it appears the majority of those who have tried to find true romance in Vegas failed. Not that it doesn’t happen, but people don’t usually go there for that purpose. Now, it is not hard to meet someone to have fun with while in Vegas or maybe a one night stand, but that’s not romance. These hook ups don’t usually lead to marriage. And, there are the relationships you can buy, but they are definitely not a good bet.

The Las Vegas Sun wrote an article last year about finding romance in Las Vegas. It, too, painted a dim picture for romantic prospects. In the article, a man named Kalishian had a bad experience with a gold digger date. The article reported Kalashian’s  now decided opinion about love and romance in Vegas:

Now living in Hawaii, Kalashian’s first reaction to the mention of dating in Las Vegas is, “It’s not easy.” He said there was a common refrain among his friends who work on the Strip: “In order to find someone to marry, you’re going to have to leave Las Vegas.”

The full article is located here.

There is another aspect to the story. If you are already in a relationship, Las Vegas can be a very romantic place to be, a sexy place to be. Yes, you can still get the rooms with mirrors on the ceiling or other adult accessories. Or, there are many nice, quiet, lush, hotel rooms with gorgeous views and luxurious amenities.

USA Today Travel wrote an article about this side of the equation. You can read it here.






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