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Check Out Those Vegas Secret Places

shutterstock_101127469Yes, there are some special places, out-of-the-ordinary places, you may want to visit in Las Vegas. They may not really be secret places, but they are often overlooked and are sometimes hidden far out of common view. They are, however, accessible if you know where to look.

We will tell you about some of these. Some, we are confident, you will want to add to your “to do” list on your next visit.

The first place is found inside the fabulous Cosmopolitan. There is a pizza shop tucked away somewhere down an unmarked hallway. It is purported to have some of the best, and cheapest pizza around and people are beginning to make it a “must visit” when in the area. Does the pizza shop have a name? Apparently not. If you know its name, please let us know.

The next secret place is also hidden from public view. In fact, it is usually only visible to men. Sorry ladies. InsidIMG_2964e the men’s bathroom at Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas there are urinals surrounded by authentic pieces of the Berlin Wall. So, as some blogs say, you can come here and pee on the Berlin Wall. I’m sure this is high priority on most folk’s agenda. LOL.


Another place to visit is the Springs Preserve. If you are not from Vegas and miss the green of your home state, you can find some consolation here. At the Springs Preserve you will find 100 acres filled with native, trees, plants, and shrubs. You will also find over three miles of walking trails. There are also entertainment venues, shops, and more.

There are many more of these out-of-the-ordinary places to visit. You can get all the addresses and website information you need to visit any of these here.





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