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Activities That Women Love To Do In Las Vegas

There are some things, some activities, that both sexes would generally enjoy in Las Vegas. There are the shows, the countless eateries, and the sights. There are so many sights on and off the Strip, inside and outside the hotels, downtown, and in the surrounding area. Las Vegas is definitely a visual place.

On a personal note, there are only two places in the world, and I’ve been around, where I have experienced sensory overload. One place is the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The other place is Las Vegas. If you have walked the Strip before, you have seen people, without warning, stop dead in their tracks and stare off at something. This is common in Las Vegas. Sensory overload is hard to escape and can be dangerous if you are walking too closely behind someone.

But, back to our topic. There are definitely activities in Las Vegas that men would enjoy and women typically would not and activities that women would enjoy and men would not. So what specifically would be some good options for women who are alone or in a group of girlfriends?

One good option would be one of the many bachelorette parties. If this interest you, check out some of the packages that they offer on My Sin City Party. They have packages for all types of events or celebrations. You don’t have to be getting married. There are other good options.

Do you like to dance? Well, there is not a shortage of places to dance in Vegas and many places let women in free or for a reduced price. The selection of nightclubs and bars with dance floors is too many to count. Some are extremely elaborate and high tech. Others are more tame with music from the 60s-70-80s. Some women would prefer a quieter atmosphere lacking the head pounding music and flashing lights. There is something for every woman’s taste.

Men are known for going to “men’s clubs” where there are dancing girls or something even more riskque’. We’ll leave the details to your imagination. There are similar clubs for women and shows for women. If you like the young, ripped type man, there is the long running Chippendales show that plays at the Rio on West Flamingo.

If you are not the party type and just want to chill. There are some great art exhibits and museums. Here is a list of some of the most popular museums posted by The Bellagio typically has a good art collection if that is your passion.

Oh, and don’t pass up the shopping. There is not place like the Forum Shops at Caesars or the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. If you are on a budget, spend some time as the Las Vegas Outlet mall just a few miles south of the airport on Las Vegas Boulevard. This mall has two food courts. That is how large it is.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun, be safe, and stay aware of your surroundings. Enjoy!



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